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Kitchen design tips from Silpee Mishra's all-white kitchen in her UK Home

Sharon DSouza

How to add functionality to aesthetic kitchens


Has an open plan kitchen and is particular about clever storage!

A fan of minimalism & white accents. 

Let's check  it out!

Silpee's kitchen is completely open to view from the living and dining area so it is important to have clever storage space.  

It's limited in space but the sensible  layout  provides optimum work and storage  space, making life much easier.

The hob and oven are built into the framework of the white counter top and cabinets. 

The kitchen island provides plenty of storage and  prep space.

All the appliances (aside from the hob and oven) are hidden behind integrated doors.

The worktop beautifully continues down each side of the island creating a seamless look

The washing machine  is tucked away on the other side of the island. This is a totally new idea, perfect for small spaces!

The unit next to the kitchen  sink is the dishwasher. The microwave on the corner of the island does not interfere with the worktop.

A fabulous addition to the kitchen is the wine/ drinks cooler complete with dark mirrored glass and spotlights along the panel.

Handless cabinetry and soft close drawers ensure a sleek, modern look and feel. 

The pot and cutlery drawers are also close at hand while cooking. In fact, a drawer divider creates  a home for every little thing in the kitchen and keeps things tidy. 

The floor to ceiling cabinets in an eggshell white colour blend perfectly into the wall and create a seamless look. 

My kitchen is the hub of my home and  a much loved space.



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