Trend Alert – Lace and Crochet {charming old-world decor embellishments}

Trend Alert - Lace and Crochet

My grandmother and her contemporaries used to make beautiful crochet and lace table cloths, cushion covers and shawls. They looked great on her dark-wood furniture.

The good news is lace and crochet still look fashionable in modern homes! Here are pics and tips to inspire you to bring these old beauties back!

lace curtain
You could replicate this look with a made-to-order chikan work piece

wall stencil
Pic Doily stencils were used to paint these gorgeous patterns on the wall!

Adramatic headboard/accent wall
Adramatic headboard/accent wall in the bedroom

Here are some tips to get you started.

table napkins

  1. Don’t go overboard. Limit your lace-love to just one or two things per room. For instance, a table, or an accent piece, or a wall. Too much lace is hard to maintain, plus the men in your home will start spending a lot of time away! 🙂
  2. Try something different – half a doily fading away from a frame/ a lace wall behind your dresser/ an oval mirror with lace trimmings instead of a frame/ hot colors such as a purple wall with a huge doily-design painted in bright orange (this is a combination that really stands out – view the combination on Pinterest).
  3. If you wore a gown for your wedding, and still have it, this is a wonderful way to preserve that memory – sew it on to a pillow cover in a contrasting color.
  4. If you don’t already own these beauties, try buying long lengths of Pakistani lace and sewing them together to achieve your look – this looks great as a runner or a table cloth. I am working on one of these and I shall post a pic soon!

Edited: Here’s a pic of a tablecloth made with the crochet…

chocolate cake
If you are looking for a recipe of that delicious chocolate cake, click here.
Pic: The Keybunch

Pics that don’t have credits were sourced via Google and Pinterest

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