The Keybunch–Spirit of India Contest

Indian decor contest

September is an exciting month at The Keybunch. The Keybunch celebrates its birthday on 24th September. With the festive season around the corner, it’s celebration time in your homes too!

I am sure you would love to send in your wishes on this special occasion. Now, how about sending your wishes the visual way by celebrating the Spirit of India with us?

Yes, we have an exciting Pinterest Contest set up for you to send in your wishes. The winner of the contest walks ways with some surprise gifts..and you know us, we will make sure the gifts are awesome!

Contest Rules:

  1. Create a board with the name The Keybunch-Spirit of India Contest
  2. Pin the logo of the contest on the board
  3. Pin 10 inspiring images of Indian Décor. You can pin your images from any blog or website. The images can be tablescapes, wall decor, curios, architecture, interiors…you get the idea. No images from shopping sites please.
  4. Leave a link of your pinterest board on the comments section
  5. The last date for the entry is 31st October (The last date for the contest date has been extended due to popular demand)
  6. The most inspiring board will be declared as the winning entry
  7. Winner will be announced in the first week of October

The best part is that you don’t really have to write a blog to participate in this contest.

So, what are your waiting for? Get going with The Keybunch–Spirit of India contest. Looking forward to see loads of entries. Btw, have you seen The Keybunch Pinterest boards yet?



  1. Do the pics have to be from a blog or website? Why not from our own house?

  2. Gunjan, Of course, you can pin pictures from your own house too as long as you are able to pin them. Looking forward to see your board 🙂

  3. Hi
    Can I pin products from stores that I am looking to own.. Or does that come under shopping sites?

  4. @ Sam, no you cannot pin products from any stores…the idea is to not to promote promotional pins.

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  6. Hi Rekha,
    I know this is coming to you very late, but I hope you will consider it –

    If not , do reply and let me know what you think about the posts

    Thanks and Regards