Stunning New Color Guides from Nerolac Paints

When I got my hands on the Nerolac Healthy Home Paint color guides for Exteriors and Interiors, I was scheduled to travel within the hour on a long distance trip, but I couldn’t put these books down! From the print quality to the superior layouts and great color selection and matching, everything has come together really well!

So here I am, traveling and blogging about it on vacation, and thoroughly loving going through the books in great detail.

The paint stories are beautiful selections of 7 paint palettes, and each palette makes up a story. the colors within a palette are carefully selected so that you can mix and match within the palette, and make one color heavier on the eye than the others, or eliminate a color in the palette, or interchange the way they are used, and still get away with it. With a few different looks within each palette, the choice of paint colors is greatly simplified and instead of taking days to select, and then second guess your choices, you can approach colors with a clear mind and actually enjoy the process!

Here is a peek into the Outdoor Stories

Whites and neutrals are my all time favourite when it comes to exterior paints, but some of the pops of colour in these exterior stories really spoke to me- surprise, surprise!

While I would have traditionally gone with a Modern Monochrome or Masterpiece Whites pallette, I found my eyes lingering on the Exotic Escape and Sunlit Bliss stories. Tropical living is another colour scheme that appealed!

All in all, I think the exterior paints are beautifully presented, and they work well covering the gamut of Indian homes – from farm houses to seaside homes, modern stucco homes, villas and multi-storey homes for large joint families.

In the interior stories, the looks I loved best are:

Sunlit Bliss – With such interesting paint shades as Yellow Custard, Midas Touch and Mecca Gold – these are harmonious hues of warmth. The orange accents make you perk up to a sunshiny interior each time you step into the space.

For those of you who love the traditional wood finishes in your homes, these shades of orange set them off really beautifully! There is scope for a lot of drama as the shades in this palette range from a yellow Banana Cream to a rust infused Treasure Chest.

Urban Sense on the other hand, is a palette that I am crushing on this season.

Salmon pink that is so popular in Scandinavia, and Millenial Pink that has made headlines as a trending color, are integral to this palette. I love how Nerolac has made this color (they call it Cozy Peach) come alive with a primary pairing of gold-tinged Chiffon.

In another combination, light pink (Pink Clover) and a salmon-millenialish pink come together with other neutrals such as whites, greys and chevron prints to add a lot of muted drama. I love the way the walls have been painted two colors horizontally in this look! This palette includes yellows and darker reds but I think it is best put to use with a prominence of pinks, golds and neutrals, highlighted with one bold geometric design to give it a Scandi-Euro touch!

Also look at my use of these colours in decor, in this post.

Secret Garden is another lovely colour scheme that appealed to me!

Finally, man caves are still the most neglected rooms globally 🙂 but Nerolac has a great palette called Modern Monochrome for mancaves! I am particularly inspired to create and style mancaves this season, so do get in touch with me if you want a man cave for your loved ones!

These guides are very helpful as they give you a range of ideas mixing and matching within a pallette. Traditionally, one would Google or ‘look up’ decor blogs and magazines to see how colours would blend in with artefacts or outdoor house shapes. But with these books, everything changes! Selecting a paint colour becomes enjoyable and easy instead of a long-drawn and confusing process. The fact that it is in hard copy and not online, makes it that much more easy to share, borrow, and discuss over a family meeting.

Kudos Nerolac, I am suitably impressed!

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