Plate up, Basket up, Tray Up!

wall decor, plate arrangements

Pretty collections of plates, baskets and trays – whether they are new buys or family heirlooms, look gorgeous in a wall arrangement. I have always been a fan of wall plate clusters, and I recently completed one such project in my dining area. I used a collection of Jaipuri plates by Neerja, but I need to add a few more plates to it. Based on my experience doing up my wall of plates, I have some tips to help guide you

  1. First, you need to have a collection. If you haven’t yet collected stuff, see info in box alongside for some tips on collecting (include different sizes, shapes and designs – they don’t have to be ceramic or porcelain, try metal, woven baskets, and family keepsakes).
  2. When you have a collection, start by sifting through your collection of plates and go over them with a critical eye.
  3. You are sure to see a pattern emerge based on what you already own – perhaps only white plates in different sizes and shapes, or plates with a certain motif, style or material of work, or plates in different colors. Pick only the ones you love, and keep them aside.
  4. Hmm I confess, I won’t be sharing tip 4 here. But the good news is, I do have more info for you up on the Portico India blog about how to decide on a plate arrangement, and what to use to hang your plates up.

wall decor, plate arrangements wall decor, plate arrangements

wall decor, plate arrangements

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