Indian deities get luxe!

Indian deities“Vakratunda Mahakaya Suryakoti Samaprabha Nirvignam Kurume Deva Sarva kaala sarvada”

Yes, no Indian will start his day without prayers; all events, big or small start only after the prayers. The puja room, dwelling of the deities is the most important part of an Indian home.

Indian deities in the form of swarovski crystals

However, the deities these days are making their way into the living spaces too. As deities get luxe in the form of swarovski crystals and finely handcrafted sterling silver, they are becoming collectibles to be displayed by proud and passionate owners.

Indian deities Krishna god from E-studio International store

I fell in love with this ethereal Krishna from the limited edition collection of Indian deities E-studio International, a Bangalore based showroom that showcases exquisite luxury products sourced from all over the world.

the collection of Indian deities gods crafted in sterling silver by the artisans across the world

Crafted in 92.5% sterling silver by the finest artisans across the world, the breathtaking sculptures are sure fire conversation starters. The collection definitely makes way into my ‘Drool’ list. Take a look and pick your favorite.


  1. Wow! Those ARE breathtaking! So beautiful! Hmmm, it is hard to pick, but I think my favorite one is the third from the top…what is the significance of this particular deity?

  2. Glad you liked them Abigail. The third is my favorite too. Lord Krishna is considered as the 8th avathar of Lord Vishnu, who was on the earth to destroy the evil.

    As a child, he was naughty. He enjoyed stealing butter, teasing women, had a cow for a pet(obviously) and played flute beautifully. As an adult, he was always surrounded by women ;). He was the master architect of the famous Indian mythological war – mahabharat. – Rekha

  3. Very cool. I was actually pleasantly surprised to see Lladro from Spain also marketing luxe dieties during the festive season.


  4. I agree Maya, it only shows that Indian art is going global and there are no dearth of buyers for such exquisite sculptures.

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