House Tour: Iniyaal’s Green Home in Coimbatore

For those of us living in the concrete urban jungles, Iniyaal’s home in Coimbatore comes as a refreshing change. Saranya, fondly known as Iniyaal in the blogging world stays with her parents and sister in the midst of farms and coconut grooves. Imagine waking up each morning to the sounds of birds and the fragrance of fresh flowers and wet clay, sipping freshly brewed coffee watching the greenery….dream come true, isn’t it? Every window in her house opens to a green landscape (how lucky!). The background pics are the proof for the greenery in and around her house.

Iniyaal’s home is spacious with furniture that blends in with the greenery outside. Glass is extensively used as Iniyaal’s sister prefers glass over wood.

Terracotta figurines deck up the balcony and grills. Her home is filled with crafty things she and sister make.

The souvenirs collected by her family during the international travels adorn most corners of the house.

Saranya and her sister’s crafting ventures and decor ideas are found all over the house. What do you do if you are good at crafting, take it to the next level of course. Saranya recently opened up her etsy shop called Papyrus selling her handcrafted eco-friendly products. Do check it out.

Isn’t she lucky to be staying amidst greenery doing what she enjoys? This is what I call blissful living. The fact that she is finds inspiration in her green abode is evident in her photography, art, blog and poetry. Check out her blogs at artbeautysociety and Handmade Heaven.

The Cooks Nook is still open till this weekend, so grab your cameras and get clicking now!



  1. *sigh* ofcourse I knew it was going to be this gorgeous.. So so lovely!!

    And I checked out her prodcuts as well.. Loved the book mark.. amazing how there is so much of talent out there..

  2. Iniyaal:) I will continue to call you that:)…how lovely to see your home and these products…delighted with this feature!


  3. Nice home, cozy and so specious…loved the greenery and her crafts..amazing 🙂

  4. Thanks Rekha, for featuring my family's home. I knew I had sent too many pics 🙂 Thanks for doing collages out of them.

    Thank you Patricia, Sharon and Sanghamitra 🙂

  5. It is a pleasure doing our home as the greenery around and chirping of birds are an inspiration. we prefer simple furniture, little souvenirs and memorabilia, and hand made items to deck up the house.
    For the eco-friendly components, we have pavement blocks all around to allow rain water to seep into the ground when it rains. the sunshade runs around the house and are made of the red Mangalore tiles.

  6. lovely house with lot of greenery.reminds me of our home

  7. That suspended curved staircase is a thing of beauty! I'm off to check her products..

  8. Wow! love the greenery…lovely house indeed.

  9. love that staircase! How lucky are you to stay amidst so much greenery!

  10. S has been a great source of motivation for me to continue my green blog..:) her home and her work..wishing her all thebest for her new venture ..way to go S

  11. a beautiful home.. the terracotta bells, the curvy staircase is very charming!! The open space in her house is precious!!

  12. wow so close to nature

  13. Thank you everyone, for your comments.
    The anonymous comment on top is from my sister. Curved staircase and the open showcase were my sister's ideas.

  14. That envy live in a jungle with the comforts of a big house. I love the steps of the photo. Beautifully decorated. Greetings

  15. Saranya–such a lovely name! and such a lovely home……love the greenery she has surrounded herself with! And those gorgous bookmarks! Wow, one talented lady here!

  16. Iniyaal is such a pretty name! Gorgeous home. Will check out her products on etsy.

  17. Hi Iniyaal, Such a lovely place with a lot of greenery round… luks just like my home town … ! Between guess thats a cascading fountain that I see in the last snap.. thats lovely !!!

  18. Thank you Leovi, GB, Geeta and Emreen.
    Hi Emreen, the last snap has a white pot (hand painted by my sis) on an african art stool. The other photo insert is a terracota statue of Goddess Lakshmi on a planter filled with white pebble stones 🙂

  19. WOW..i simply love the curved stairs..very neat and of course all your crafts…you sisters rock…

  20. What a beautiful, well-ventilated house! Hats off to the two creative sisters!


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