Home decor

Drool: Unique Kitchen Collectibles

Gone are the days, where salt and pepper shakers were just a pair of boring glass bottles sitting pretty on your table. As entertaining extends beyond the living, salt and pepper shakers go designer to become sure fire conversation starters. I think it’s a great idea for those who love […]

Eco-friendly VivaTerra

Despite knowing the value of using eco-friendly products, we often don’t end up buying them either because they are highly priced, lack aesthetics, or sometimes, because they are simply ‘different’. So, I felt rather serendipitous when I chanced upon Vivaterra.com, an eco products site that blends great colors, designs and […]

God is in Small Details!

‘A picture is worth a thousand words’ – Napoleon Bonaparte Judith Thibaut is a well known interior designer whose work has been featured in a couple of décor magazines and television. Her focus is to create a relaxed, uncluttered personal expression while giving her clients a home with a soul. […]

A home in Cubelles

It’s been a beautiful, lazy weekend this far, with a birthday in the family too…and the perfect time to share the pictures of a home in Cubelle, Spain. When I chanced upon the pictures of the home of an American expat family living in Spain, I was amazed at the […]

Come, Let’s Create Kusudama

It’s indeed sad that people resort to lifting content from another site passing it off as their own. As far as I know, when the ‘source’ of an article is given, it only means that you can take the idea from that source and interpret in your own way and […]

Honey, my blog post has been plagiarized!

Imagine my surprise when Rekha pasted this link in my chat window. http://www.sinlung.com/?p=5019 It opened up on a page that had the exact same content as this post of mine dated November 11, 2008. To my surprise, the post also had the same date as mine. How clever was that! […]

Warli Art: Simplicity Redefined!

Complicated art is a big NO for me. I would rather have something on my wall that I can relate to and feel in-sync with it; that’s the reason why I am attracted to folk/tribal art. It’s amazing how people those days came up with simple ideas to re-do their […]

A bit of Nagaland in my Salon

Hints of Nagaland in a Los Angeles Salon? Mixing Eastern and Western decor is not a new concept at all, but when Nagaland-born designer Seyie Putsure sent me these pics of a salon she designed in downtown Los Angeles, I was bowled over. She has borrowed decor ideas from her […]

Alistair Heseltine’s Functional Art

Functional art has always been a fascinating subject for me. I love the fact that art embraces functionality to enhance the aesthetics of the product and adds excitement to the otherwise run-of-the-mill products. Award winning artist Alastair Heseltine draws inspiration from nature and comes up with some stunning functional art. […]