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Unusual shelving ideas

Statica by Daniele Lago We, Sharon and Rekha at TheKeyBunch wish all our readers a ‘Happy and a Rocking 2009’! We kick start the new year with some unusual shelving design ideas. Shelving ideas have evolved over the time. Gone are the days when you just had rectangular boxes to […]

Private Cloud, Sleep like a Baby…

A bed that rocks you to sleep, lets you enjoy your reading or television time in the ultimate comfort and looks chic enough to make guests drool over…..How cool is that? I simply fell in love with the concept of a 3-in-1 bed, Private Cloud when I stumbled upon it […]

Pretty potpourri X’mas pouches

Make beautiful potpourri pouches for your X’mas trees. They will not only look interesting, but will smell good too! Many thanks to Cristina and her niece Inês who have worked really hard putting this tutorial together for us. To make these beautiful potpourri pouches you will need: – 2 pieces […]

Organic veggies at your doorstep for free!?

Imagine each one of us growing veggies in our own backyards, balconies, window sills and bartering them with neighbors and friends instead of making daily trips to supermarket or bargaining with the pushcart vendor. Sounds too good to be true? Not quite…. I was invited for a presentation on soil-less […]

Drool: Vintage lights for your classic decor

Remember the classic vintage lights that we featured earlier? Vintage lights are a sure-fire way of giving your décor the classic feel. Take a look at these Early 20th Century Cage Lights from rewire. The lights caged in metal wire springs look great in dining, terrace gardens or just any […]

Window dressing with a twist!

Image credit: Ginsky I have a fascination for wide window sills. This has to do with some of my fondest childhood memories of my summer vacations spent reading comics and playing on a wide window sill for hours at my cousin’s house. They had an unusual window sill which was […]