Home Tour: Namratha Jagadish’s Colour-Infused Gurgaon home


I am thrilled to present a beautiful 1400 square ft, two-bedroom rental in Gurgaon where Namratha and Neil live.

Namratha has managed to mix warm and cool colours and achieve a beautiful yet minimalist look, focusing on interest points and vignettes. To my utter delight, Indian crafts abound – Madhubani, Kantha work and more are cleverly woven into the texture palette!

Without further ado, I will hand you over to Namratha who will show you more pictures and tell you about her design style.


Welcome to my abode!

I have always believed that a home reflects the personalities and lives of its inhabitants – providing a glimpse into their interests and experiences, snippets from their travels and an insight into the phase of life that they are currently exploring. Home to me is a place which truly allows me to express myself without any inhibitions – A place which is an extension of my personality and which I hope echoes the love and warmth that has gone into creating it. It is a personal haven for my husband and I, a space where we are surrounded by things that inspire us and that are an expression of who we are, a space that is constantly evolving along with our lives and experiences.

The Living Room

I find painting very meditative and the living room walls are adorned with 2 of my paintings in the Gondh tribal art style painted during art class – I believe that something as treasured as art created by oneself adds a personal touch to the home.


One of my favourite parts of the house is the gallery wall that I have created in the living room with quirky prints that I got framed along with pictures from our wedding; it brightens up the space and adds character. Another favourite corner is the turquoise trunk placed in the entry way to the home – The trunk with its distressed finish provides a gorgeous backdrop for all my styling experiments! I love creating vignettes around the house with knick knacks, and am constantly moving things around and experimenting with décor especially during the festive season.




My home brings together my love for colour, design and art in an eclectic fashion, peppered with bohemian influences! A penchant for colour permeates the space, right from the turquoise curtains in the living room and colourful wall art decking the walls, to the vibrant cushions in varied shades ranging from teal to fuschia pink, and the pops of colour around the house in the form of quirky knick knacks curated over time. I believe in a free-spirited bohemian aesthetic, combining a plethora of colours and design styles to create an eclectic mélange of décor.

The Dining Area



The Entryway

Both my husband and I are bitten by a case of constant wanderlust and I love exploring local arts and crafts during our travels, with the highlight of a trip often being the lovely discoveries made and the quirky curios picked up from local flea markets and artisanal stores! I can often be found scouring art and craft exhibitions and my home is filled with little oddities picked up from varied travels and fairs right from a turquoise kettle from Dharamshala to Madhubani-style décor accents from Dilli haat!


My husband and I are both Army kids, so we have lived in various parts of India during our childhood. This perhaps spurs our love for travel and exploring new cultures, and I believe our home is an amalgamation of all these diverse influences 🙂


Natural light is extremely important to my husband and me, and this is something that we have been particular about in all the houses that we have stayed at over the years. There is nothing quite like the sun streaming in through the windows to set a cheerful tone to the day J I also love the soothing effect of plants, and while I don’t exactly have a green thumb, I try to incorporate greenery into the home with easy to maintain plants – re-purposing décor elements such as a Khurja tea pot and a pickle barni as pots for my plants.


As a freelance writer, my study is a space that is important to me, and I have tried to make it colourful and inspiring. My favourite part of the study is the ‘Inspiration board’ that I have created on the wall next to my desk – It has a collage of my favourite quotes printed out and displayed to ensure a dose of motivation is close at hand! J



While my style is predominantly bohemian and eclectic, I also love all things vintage and shabby-chic, and have styled the bedroom with a vintage vibe. Done up in soothing shades of mint-green, white and pink, the bedroom has floral bed linen, polka dot curtains in a mint hue, and quaint curios decking up the dressing table for a dash of vintage charm!



There you have it folks! A beautiful home put together with passion, a good mix of texture and colour, local crafts, artwork and collectibles! Namratha is a well-known name in online media in India, especially to those interested in interiors. She writes amazing decor stories on Polka Cafe. You could follow her work at this link.

We have a lot of Festive posts coming up, so keep checking in!



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