{Home Tour} A French home called Dar Mona decorated in the Indian style

Dar Mona is a guest house in the hills overlooking the Orange Plains in France. The proud owner Mona is a well-travelled designer and photographer. The rooms bear testimony to Mona’s travels in Morocco, Tunisia, Senegal, China, India and Syria – the photographs, designs and styles are windows to her trips there. As you look through the images, you will love the way Mona has made use of textiles to accessorize her home. The home is quiet and serene, the entrance characterized by white columns that instantly hint of calm and peace.

the keybunch home with indian elements

Elegant in soft white tones, the living room has hints of Mona’s travels abroad. The windows are inspired by the carved jaliwork in Jaipur.

indian decor elements

On the other side of that beautiful Indian lattice work window is a country-style kitchen, with doors that are once again reminiscent of the old Indian style.

orange accesorries in french holiday home
I love how this room is both modern and traditional, and yet comes together so well.
The orange tones gently bind the room together

orange accesorries in french holiday home bath
The bathroom is a show-stopper with the same orange theme from the bedroom
carried forward…the accessories and curtains are inspired from India,
while the floor rug and carpet are from the South of Morocco.

the keybunch a touch of india in every home

This is a Syrian carved door. The eyeshaped patterns and tassles are considered lucky

And I leave you with more views of the above rooms, shot from different angles.

indian touches in french home
The saffron bedspread

indian touches in french holiday home
Another angle of the salon or the living room. The poufs on the floor are sacks from Tunisia.

the keybunch orange elements
A collage of the orange accents

What elements of this home did you like?

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  1. Loved the orange accents here and there. Carpets and rugs are so beautiful

  2. Aww so pretty .. I wanna a home just like this .. inspirational !! There is a bit for everyone in this house !!

  3. lovely pics…. Though a home with no mess is no home at all!

  4. All those images are treat to my eyes. Beautiful and gorgeous!!

  5. Love the way she has introduced orange colour in decor. Curtains and saffron bedspread are giving lively and warm feel.

  6. Very nice. Home with modern and traditional look has a great view . the most important point is a French house decorated with Indian look awesome . and never taught that orange colour could look so great

  7. Loved modern and traditional combination..

  8. oh my good lord.. What a beautiful home.. I'm in love with that bed.. its stunning!