Home Tour: Aparna’s home in Whitefield, Bengaluru

home tour bengaluru

Today, we take you to Whitefield, Bengaluru to Aparna’s lovely home. Aparna is a mommy blogger over here.

Aparna tells us that her decor sensibilities have developed and honed over the years, through a combination of travel, work (with the Indian crafts sector) and a lot of skulking around design blogs 🙂

This home is also proof that marital decor problems (we all have them, don’t we? Those situations when one of us likes loves something and the other doesn’t like hates it!) So, when you and your spouse are at odds with each others’ decor ideas, how do you resolve it? Do you buy a new sofa or a new set of stairs from somewhere like Pear Stairs and find furniture you both like?

Says Aparna, “My husband and I started off being at odds with each other. He likes a clean uncluttered space with loads of comfort (read footstools and lazyboys !) while I thrive on colour, clutter and traditional home-made accents! Over the years, we have met in the middle. He learnt that old-fashioned need not be uncomfortable and I refined in my collecting instincts and learned to do more with less. The result is a predominantly Indian style with every piece having certain precious memories associated with it.” Ah, just how The Keybunch likes it!

home tour bengaluru The entryway
The entryway

home tour bengaluru
The reading nook

home tour bengaluru
A closeup of the planter’s chair in the reading nook

home tour bengaluru
Stuff bought during the couple’s travels – Mayan calendar (ceramic)
flanked by Inuit paintings from Canada.

home tour bengaluru
 Kiwi and South African dolls 🙂

home tour bengaluru
Brass and Dokra

home tour bengaluru
Cupboard with small jaipuri tiles

home tour bengaluru
The Mysore painting was gifted by Aparna’s husband’s aunt when they had the
grihapravesh for their home in Bangalore. The Thai paintings are reminders of a
wonderful time spent trawling the night markets in Bangkok.

home tour bengaluru
The Living room

home tour bengaluru
Another angle of the living room

home tour bengaluru
Aparna got this table done in mehrauli from a restorer.


home tour bengaluru
Aussie aboriginal painting flanked by South African artwork

home tour bengaluru
The Batik that always hangs over the master bed is actually a silk scarf
made by Aparna’s mom decades ago, and now framed and preserved.

home tour bengaluru
Aparna’s charpoy in the bedroom

home tour bengaluru
One of Aparna’s favourite paintings -a print of the Brahmacharis by Amrita Sher-Gill

home tour bengaluru
The aluminium trunk was given to Aparna during her wedding and
contained a lot of steel vessels. She recently had it converted to a bedside table with
handmade tiles on the top and sides.

A close-up of the trunk

Thank you Aparna, for opening your home to our readers! Our favorite take-away ideas from this home tour are the charpoy, the fabulous paisley upholstery on the sofas, the pretty tiles on your aluminum trunk, and the nostalgia evoked by that planter’s chair in your reading nook!

Home tour photo credits: Aparna

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  1. Love the home decor. Thanks for sharing this post.

  2. A home filled with treasures! lovely!
    thanks for sharing!


  3. neat!!the centre table and the charpoy are definite show-stoppers!

  4. Aparna – you are indeed an expert in several fields – interior decoration is one more – all the best

  5. Hey,

    I liked the home tour..!! Very well done…Best luck…!!!


  6. Hi, This houses represents the whole of India. I have seen houses either represent S. Indian or N. Indian, but this is the best. The hall is my best and even the green indoor plants .

    Keep going… !

    Vinodh from Chennai

  7. Such a beautiful house! Anonymous is right! This house represents the Indian housing style. I like this Interiors style and arrangement. After completing my west coast tour I am paining to shift in a new house. I will follow this arrangement while my new house interior setting. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Hats off to your creative skills.

  9. Really its classic. I like that Wall. I love to decorate home with wallpaper. But wallpaper should be unique and attractive..I always change my home and office wallpaper too. just look at http://www.elegantdecor.in

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