Home Tour: A Mediterranean-inspired Apartment in Mumbai


Teal House is actually an apartment in Mumbai’s Napean Sea Road, spanning an area of 1100 square feet. With flashes of blue, teal and white, and bougainvillea in the decor, the Mediterranean from where this home draws inspiration, is everywhere! And that’s wonderful, because the theme originated from the clients desire to recreate and dwell in an atmosphere that reminded them of their travels to the Mediterranean region.


The two bedroom apartment has two attached bathrooms, a guest toilet, a living and dining space and a kitchen and utility area. For the designers Neesha Alwani and Shruti Jalan, the challenge was to get the right mix of colors, furnishings and accessories in, as well as maximize the floor plan to allow the airy, fluid interiors of the Mediterranean.


So they began with a fresh palette, and the existing apartment was completely gutted. Large windows were added to flood the rooms with light and air which gives the apartment a breezy, Mediterranean feel.


The right colors and patterns To recreate the feeling of the Mediterranean, the designers introduced shades of teal and aqua.


For the clean, white washed look, they used a stucco finished tile to cover the walls of the living and bedroom areas. The terracotta tiles on the floor and the patterned tiles that are found on the kitchen dado are a typical feature in the Mediterranean countries. 


The use of the bougainvillea mural on the wall adjoining the window acts as an extension of the lush outdoor landscape, bringing it indoors. The flooring is in a cream marble.









The terracotta tiles on the bathroom floor and the patterned dado tiles that are found on the kitchen backsplash look quite typical of Mediterranean decor.

Textures, furniture and fixtures A variety of textures appear on several pieces of furniture, some in an antique white distressed finish, others in an antique wood grain and the rest in pop teal colors. The overall look is completed with rustic painted beams on the ceiling, wrought iron light fixtures, patina railings on the windows overlooking the sea and burnished bronze hardware.


Takeaways from this post:

  • This is a Mediterranean idea adapted to India, and the architects have carried off the entire look brilliantly. Going pure Mediterranean has its own challenges in Indian climes, and introducing textures and shades of white are a brilliant way to adapt this look to India.
  • Sometimes all you need are the right colors to transport you to a place. And the designers have used this colour association brilliantly in this project.
  • I love the bougainvillea touch, its brilliant! As a big fan of this pretty flower, it’s the element that appealed to me the most when I was considering featuring this home.
  • I would have preferred a proper Mediterranean/Prussian blue incorporated into this home, but teal and aqua work beautifully too, and do their job of sea-side associations well!

This delightful home is shared in association with homz.in, a website that brings you beautiful interior projects and puts you in touch with amazing architects who can bring your dreams to life!

N+S is an architectural firm based in Mumbai. You can see more images of this home, as well as connect with the design firm n+s on Homz.in

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