books in decor

Decorating with Books

books in decor

Books, I hope, will always be fashionable! I do want to clarify that I am talking about printed books, and the charm they exude to any space. They are such a versatile decor accessory that they can make any room look good – from the loo, to the boardroom! And as someone who has grown up on a healthy dose of reading, they just give me a lot of joy when I see them used as home decor. And you don’t really have to own expensive coffee table books to decorate with books. Even a small vignette with eye catching book covers makes the cut!

Coffee Table books
Books on the coffee table and on the carpet in a wire rack

Last week, on Instagram we had a lovely book theme going on, and I thought I would blog about some of my ‘books in decor’ clicks, so that I have them all in one place, and you get to browse through them too.

books in decor
Here the sole purpose of the books was to add a bit of height to the vase.
books in decor
Books on the coffee table here both add height for a visually aesthetic table top, and to add interest. Also catch a glimpse of the books on the side table.
books in decor
Books on the side table add bit of height because I wanted a visual ladder effect – so that the white wall doesn’t provide too much of a gap between the lantern and the bottom of the tall madhubani painting.
books in decor
This one is different. Books were carefully chosen to draw out some colour from the painting; I was also quite fascinated by the book cover fonts. They add another dimension to this arrangement
books in decor
My entire family loves books, and this is one of our pig out days when we relax on the floor and do nothing but read and eat/drink. Of course, this was clicked before we began, and I am sure you will be quite appalled with the after pictures! 🙂
books in decor
I used a favourite Cecilia Ahern book here because of it’s blue cover – that really added to the blues in this setting 🙂 So you can use a book instead of a decor accessory, you know?
books in decor
My friend Dr. Swati Shome has only recently authored this book “Let’s talk about Guys, Girls and Sex” I will be moderating the launch this weekend in Khandala and this image was from the day I settled down on the floor to read and study the book!

Do you use books in decor? What books are you currently reading? Are you a book worm? A closet writer maybe? Let me know – I would love to hear from you!

These are all images used in my Instagram post or stories. In case you are on Instagram, I would love to hear from you there!


  1. I love this concept. I’d always thought of decorating with books in terms of using them for adding color. I hadn’t considered how the placement of the books could be used in styling.

  2. anuradha singh

    Its very refreshing to see your posts Sharon !

  3. I agree they are indeed very refreshing and inspiring! Thank you!

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