A bit of Nagaland in my Salon

Hints of Nagaland in a Los Angeles Salon? Mixing Eastern and Western decor is not a new concept at all, but when Nagaland-born designer Seyie Putsure sent me these pics of a salon she designed in downtown Los Angeles, I was bowled over. She has borrowed decor ideas from her hometown and North East India. However, the ideas are subtle and reinterpreted for a modern interior. Sayie has introduced some tribal/ethnic inspired elements such as woven bamboo or rattan that are very commonplace design elements in Northeast India.

The woven stool with cushion
The woven stool with cushion is inspired by the low woven murrah
or moodah stools seen in India.


The woven baskets for towels
The woven baskets for towels and used towels are both inspired by
the woven baskets/handicrafts native to Nagaland.

Thank you Seyie 🙂 They are lovely!


  1. Hello Sharon,

    I am from France, and I visited this salon recently when I was in LA. It really is very beautiful, and the green theme adds a special element of relaxation, especially for the spa visitors, it is a great experience. Nice blog.

  2. Thank you Sophie. 🙂

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