Author: sharon dsouza

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A Solution for Mr. and Mrs. Forgetful

Most families including my own, have one person who is forgetful. By forgetful I don’t mean they forget anniversaries and birthdays. They forget simple things like where they kept their car keys, or the ring they wore to a friend’s house last night – everyday valuables! Well, what if I […]

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The Iconic Egg Chair – 50+ years and Still Stylish!

Danish architect and designer Arne Jacobsen designed the famous 1960 showcase Royal Hotel, Copenhagen. Passionate to create the perfect hotel experience, he personally designed most of the hotel’s iconic furniture, including the legendary Egg™ chair (in 1958). Very few designs stand the test of time. The Egg Chair has! Paying […]

Home decor

A Secure Home is a Safe Home

Just the thought of home envelops us in a feeling of love, warmth and comfort. Homes are also our safe places. A good security system installed in our homes will make our homes even more secure. We often tend to neglect this aspect for our homes, but there’s no denying […]