An Office Space that Reeks of Creativity


I almost never feature office spaces on this blog; so you can be sure there is something special about this tour. This is the story of ColourCraft Studio, a creative digital agency that works out of a space that facilitates an environment of conversation, collaboration and creativity.

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A 1,600 sq.ft space in Mumbai’s Prabhadevi area was transformed in a record two months. It has successfully fulfilled their own brief – a functional, aesthetic and minimalist space. Here’s how it turned out!

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The space is also mindfully put together – a lot of thought going into the desk height, size, storage, ergonomics, put together with a keen attention to the User Experience Design or UX that they use in their work, putting the user at the center of the design. This has led to several novel implementations in the space such as the conference room doubling up as a bar/lounge, electrical outlets right on the table as opposed to the wall area below the table, hooks under each table to hang one’s bags, etc. and movable chalkboards (did I say chalkboards? I have a gnawing feeling that the chalkboard might have sold me on featuring this space!)

image 2

Well, the chalkboards were appealing, but the other aesthetic touches such as vintage decor pieces, living greens in attractive planters, beautifully upholstered chairs and couches, brass chaidani and other interesting collectibles ensure that there are enough conversation starters strewn around for those sticky client-in-the-office situations!


S hooks hanging from what I suspect are SS kitchen fittings add immeasurable charm as they hold pencils and chalks in mismatched containers. The hand-drawn signs and messages and the very tiny post box made me smile!


The exposed brick walls, exposed plumbing, the bar stools (yes, to my disbelief!) part industrial and part modern cafe decor, gaming zone and bar, this space inspired me in so many ways!


Inside sources tell me that this has all been facilitated by the Creative Director Ankit Jain, who worked with interior designer Ria Hingarh and a space stylist – Bhavini Johar for the aesthetic touches.


All in all, it has come together rather wonderfully, especially the attention to tiny details such as these lovely latches from bygone eras!


I am definitely dropping in at this office with my distressed frames and cushions the next time I am in Mumbai. Why? Because the exposed brick and the beautifully upholstered couches will make the most amazing backdrop for a photoshoot! *wink*

If you live or work in a beautiful, aesthetic space, do write in with photographs. Who knows? It just might get featured here!


  1. Hey Sharon, thanks so much for featuring our HQ. And you are totally welcome to drop by when you are in Bombay next. Cheers!

    • sharon dsouza

      Ankit, it was a pleasure working on this post! Congrats on a fantastically -executed project! Thanks,I would love that!:)

  2. Hi Ankit jain . I am from Mumbai n would love to visit your office . Extremely well done

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