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Studio 1003

What’s better than a dedicated space to experience The Keybunch products? A multi-use space that will feature not only my products, but also complementary products from other brands, a dedicated meeting space in a beautiful balcony garden, and curated workshops. Multi-use, that’s the keyword here. Discover the Ultimate Multi-Use Space […]

Decor Basics, Home decor

Prameela Nair’s Art-infused home in AbuDhabi

Prameela’s home is all about Indian styling – her homes always give out ethnic and rooted aesthetics. There is a lot of art from various artists. An art piece is the perfect way to add that Indian touch to homes. Prameela buys art from upcoming artists whose pieces reflect culture, tradition and warmth. The recent Pichwai painting which is quite big, takes centre stage in her living space. The walls also double up as art canvasses!