Resort Decor- Holiday Inn, Goa

A recent 3-day break in Goa at the end of a loooong Diwali holiday from school really refreshed us, and gave us some much-needed family time!The Holiday Inn, where we stayed was gorgeously relaxing – a lovely room overlooking the sea, a lawn just outside our balcony where cheeky birds flew down to demand tidbits, azulejos every where I looked, and beautiful architecture, decor and antiques ensured the perfect break for me.

As if that weren’t enough, we loved waking up at 5 am and heading to the sea, coming back to huge sumptious breakfasts, and then just lounging by the pool while the littlest took a nap, or the older one went to a hobby class.

Here are pics I managed to click inbetween all this!

It’s a good morning, Goa!
I loved this view…have a look at the next pic for a close-up

An old-style building with beautiful glass work, framed by the sky on top
and a growth of bougainvillaea below

The lobby – and uh oh! the ditto combination of sofa color, style, upholstery and cushions that adorn our home!
A coincidence! The kids were delighted and hubby felt right at home!:)


This was at the entrance to the resort – I loved that they incorporated the
painted tiles into everything!

Not particularly my fav decor element at the hotel, but the kids were fascinated
by these shells

More pretty tile arrangements

Hmm..azulejos tiles again…even to announce room numbers and types!

See what I mean?

A touch of whimsy – sea shell hangings on the path to the pool!

These two  – always so cute together!

 And then, to absolutely put the cherry on top, I witnessed a flea market right in the premises of The Holiday Inn. Look what there was!

Lot of original art work

A potter ..

A basket weaver selling beautiful stuff

Spices and Condiments! The aromas were as varied as the colors

These next set of pictures are courtesy Holiday Inn, Goa.

I had to include a pic of this room – my daughter spent hours in hobby classes here!

This view – greeted us every night when we stepped out after dinner!
We would take a walk around the sprawling campus and then lounge on the deck
chairs beside the pool – the lighting and reflection on the water made it seem like a magical place!

The spa 🙂 totally relaxing!

A day-light view of the pool and the resort.

 And finally some more see-and-smile type pics!

Freshly made bed
Unmade bed, and the baby…well, sleeping like a baby!
Meandering around …or planning to chase that bird!

Hmm – a smile they bring to me, these people, and the ocean kissing the setting sun!

A Mario-Miranda (I think, no one among the hotel staff knew for sure)
reproduced as an Azulejo. We spent a lot of time in front of this one, and each time
we spotted something new, and amusing!

Them cheeky birds!
It’s a good night, Goa! The sunset, sea, lights and food…such a perfect way to end a lazy day!

Hope you enjoyed my little photo-tour!
The pastry chef at The Holiday Inn floored me with a superb date toffee, and he even shared the recipe with me. I am planning to bake it soon, and of course share the recipe with all of you!

Watch this space for a lovely Christmas post by a fellow-blogger.

Pictures courtesy: me, Ranjit D, and Holiday Inn


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  1. Wow…lucky you!!!

    Felt like I went to Goa and returned!!
    The pics are beautiful and Im happy that you all had a nice time
    Wish I was around… may be next time…
    Did you try the Spa?
    Your hubby and kids look great… no pic of you in it!
    Tk cr


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