Sushil on the ‘Rocks’

I just fell in love with these cartoons on pebbles that I stumbled upon at purplehomes, another interior related blog. I knew I had to feature this artist and his work on The Key Bunch. Sushil Bhasin is a multimedia cartoonist whose work has been published in various publications and e-zines in India, and also used in animation films, multimedia ad campaigns and for corporate presentations.

Though doodling has been a childhood passion, the pebble art started from the vacation in Rishikesh when he started using the natural shape of the pebbles to create his toons. Soon, they were a huge hit and were selling like ‘hotcakes’ in art galleries across the country. His pebble art is aptly called ‘Sushil On Rocks’.

CNN IBN and Money Today have featured Sushil’s work recently.…..take a peek at his work, enjoi!

I would love to own a collection of his art someday……they bring a smile on my face each time I look at them.

Check out more of his work at Sushil’s blog, ‘Doodlewala‘….what else can you call it? 🙂

Oh, Btw….Blogadda featured The Key Bunch as one of the top Indian Interior design blogs…thanks guys!



  1. This is lovely. Cartoons on pebbles – wow!
    Discovered your blog through blogadda and am glad to have found it. I blog at (also on the blogadda list).

  2. Congratulations on the Blogadda feature!
    Love these whimsical rocks … . so very clever .

  3. Fabulous work Mr.Sushil. Pebble cartoon work is interesting…
    Congratulations Rekha and Sharon again..keep up the good work ladies 🙂

  4. Lovely work Sushil. I was wondering if you sell them online?:)

    It would save me a trip to Delhi!


  5. awesome work Mr. Sushil!!!!Thanks for stopping by my blog Sharon and for the compliments! u girls are doing a great job with this blog! i m following it now!


  6. Congratulations !!
    I truely appreciate both of you for lovely work


  7. this is so much fun!!

  8. I am impressed! Blog advice posted here is absolutely my friend. I neutral thirst for to hint board up with comments and nobility work. IE browser bookmarks to your blog at best now, I l come in arrears to see my friends more in the tomorrow! The color of the layout is not rotten, it is easy on the eyes.


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