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Christmas Giving:There is goodness in giving small, giving often

A happy, confident school kid, Basava stays at a hostel and has access to nutritious meals every day! Read his story here It’s the season of Christmas, and a time to share, give and feel joyful! I am a strong believer in the fact that opportunities to give are everywhere. And instead of waiting for […]


Christmas Cake Prep {Fruit Soak and Candied Peel}

With a foot sprain rendering me immobile, I suddenly have a lot of time at my disposal. So I soaked my fruits for the Christmas cake, and I am sharing the recipe here. Remember to buy only good quality fruit, and buy it fresh. I also managed to make some Candied Peel from  Neha Mathur’s […]


Quick DIY Christmas Tree (off the floor, on the wall!) tutorial

If you have a toddler running around the house, you can imagine how tempting the Christmas tree is for someone that age (and size). Keeping everyone’s best interests (and my sanity) in mind, I looked all over the Internet for an easy wall Christmas tree DIY. No luck! I found some real pretty ones that […]


Oh, the real meaning of Christmas is the giving of love everyday: Be a hunger warrior and support Akshaya Patra

It’s the season to give from the abundance we enjoy and bring smiles to innocent faces. That’s exactly why I am talking to you about Akshaya Patra on Christmas Eve. No pretty decor post on this blog; no, not today! I waited this long to talk about this wonderful venture because I wanted to have […]