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Decor Tip: Max your day Decor Shopping in a new city

Decorating can be fun, but when you are personally hand-picking accessories and fabric, not to mention door latches, accessories, tiles, corner shelves, privacy screens; and you have only one day to do it, you just might have painted yourself into a very sticky corner. I almost did just that, as […]


Sujatha and Bharath’s Madras Apartment: A Home with a Persona

  Sujatha and Bharath live in their 1500 sqft flat in Madras (Chennai). Are you stuck on the title? I agree, it is a bit cryptic, but when you read through this home tour, and see the photographs, you will understand that no decor adjective would do justice to this beautifully done […]


Sarangi, Chennai – Store Interiors (and Romance) ;)

There is nothing that can match the romance of a well-draped, beautiful Indian sari; there is nothing that can look more beautiful on a woman, and there’s nothing that can make a woman feel more beautiful! And Sarangi…a Chennai-based Sari shop has managed to augment this allure of the sari, […]