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Book Review: Gardening in Urban India, DK Publishers

  Most Indians keen on gardening buy gardening books, but they are authored by non-Indian authors, and meant for end-users in other countries. They are of little use, save for their visual appeal and adornment on a coffee table. I own some of these too, and I haven’t gleaned anything useful from them, because the […]

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Book Review: Railonama by Anupama Sharma

Railonama is a collection of short stories put together by Anupama Sharma. The stories are warm and poignant, and anyone who has traveled by train in India can relate to the experiences narrated in this book. Short stories with their quick narratives are always interesting, and this book was no different!  Anupama Sharma has done […]

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{Book Review} God is a Gamer

‘God is a Gamer’ by Ravi Subramanian is a gripping novel about the ‘not black, not white, it’s grey” world of bitcoin trading, and the use of bit coins to purchase illegal or banned substances. No, this is not only about bitcoins, but a whole saga of murder, love, lust and revenge woven around it, […]

Book Review and Feature: Entertaining from an Ethnic Indian Kitchen, Komali Nunna

Love Asian food? Love to entertain? Love to keep your home beautiful, and deck up your table when you have guests over? This book is such a refreshing change from the usual Indian recipe books. It goes beyond recipes to let the reader in on little known secrets of entertaining the Indian way. Highly recommended! […]


Book Review:Indian Interiors, Angelika Taschen and Sunil Sethi

Love India, and fascinated by Indian interiors? Want to take a tour of beautiful Indian homes at your own sweet pace, through villages and towns, stopping to smell the grass, wandering through palaces and mahals? This Taschen book is just what you need. Whether you are in the middle of summer in your country, or […]

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Book Review and Feature:Decorating Asia

If you wish to decorate your home in the Asian style, this is the book for you. It goes beyond the usual gaudy , much-hyped Asian themes, and presents ideas to recreate an original Asian feel. Tips include the right colors, the right curios to pick up on Asian trips, and excellent ways to present […]


Book Review and Feature:Kathmandu Valley Style

Note to readers – This post is lengthy. The first half covers the book review, and the latter half features some pictures from the book. If you are in a hurry, feel free to hop on to the pictures. But do come back again and read the review:) Here is a book that makes me […]