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Radhika and Yuvaraj’s Home of Amazing Decor Finds and Restored Pieces

Radhika Yuvaraj and I connected on-line, and we have kept in touch with each other, sharing decor stories and furniture secrets, or comparing notes on exhibitions. So when I had an opportunity to visit her, I was excited and just couldn’t wait! Just off a really busy intersection or chowk as its known in Pune, we turned […]


Inda and Sony Sulaksono’s Colorful Home in Indonesia

Deviating slightly from our focus on Indian and desi global decor, I have a beautiful Indonesian home for you to tour today. Windya or Inda as she is known, has a gorgeous Instagram feed, and that’s how I first got in touch with her. Her decorating style blew me away, and I was eager to show […]


Meera and Vijay D’Souza’s Nostalgia-Invoking home in Detroit

Meera and Vijay, originally Bandra people, live just outside of Detroit, Michigan with their two kids. Meera’s love for decor began at a young age. She used to accompany her sari-loving mother to the handloom exhibitions in Bombay, and while her mother got busy selecting saris, Meera remembers sneaking off to the home decor section. Vijay has […]


Anoop and Dorrie’s homestay in Kochi

Anoop and Dorrie are pretty well-known in Kochi. Their artistic ventures Kashi Art Cafe, Kashi Art Gallery, and Kashi Art Residency in Fort Kochi which they ran for 15 years, are frequented by the culturati of Kochi.In 2006-07 they built their home Jade Garden in Kochi on eco-friendly principles. Dorrie, although without formal training, did […]


Designer Lagan Budhwar’s Rented Home in Gurgaon

  It was a boring Saturday for me. Everyone was out in the sun, but I was waiting for an important email, and didn’t dare move from the comp. To while away my time, I started looking at Facebook posts when suddenly I saw a pic that drew my attention. It depicted what looked like […]


{Curated Decor Collection} Kedgree by Karishma Banerji Madan

I am a big fan of curated collections, and today I stumbled upon a company that does just that! Kedgree was born out of its founder Karishma Banerji’s passion for all things beautiful. The word Kedgree is culled from ‘Kedgeree’ the British name for Kichadi (Indian), a delicate blend of grains and colorful spices that […]


Upcycled Antique Singer Sewing Machines {old world charm}

There is no denying the charm of an old sewing machine. Have you got one with you? Apart from the sentimental value – your grandmother used it to make your mother’s wedding gown!  – sewing machines are charming additions to your decor. Here are some wonderful ways to display those antique beauties. A suspended wine […]

Home Tour: Komala Krishna’s Charming Chettinad-style home in Bangalore

Happy New Year to all of you! I apologize for being away for so long, but the last days of 2013 were pretty hectic, and I had to give myself some screen detox, and lots of R&R! 🙂 So anyway, I am back with a lovely home tour. Browsing through interior designer Jyotika Baleri’s work […]


Seema Singh’s Eclectic Home in Bangalore

Total Incidence of Cancer in Canada     It’s the 14th of Feb, and here is a love story. Home love! Vineeta Nair had a recent contest on Facebook and that’s where I got my first glimpse of Seema Singh’s home. I contacted her, and Seema was happy to email me immediately with pics of […]

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Quick Decor Inspiration: A stairway to nowhere!

I found this on Pinterest via the incredibly arty Chandan Dubey’s photo stream, and I had to share it with you all! This pic is loaded with inspiration – colors, textures, odds and ends, antiques, arty freshness, storage …I could go on and on! via  The original image is from Country Sampler, but I couldn’t […]