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{DIY} Stencilled Patterns on plain wooden chairs by Sarmistha Ghosh

I cannot stay away from beautiful old furniture. The kind found in old homes and antique shops. When Sarmistha transformed just these kind of chairs by stenciling motifs on them, I thought, “Hey, that looks great!” And, coming from me that is something. You know why? Usually I hate to mess with the beauty of […]


Upcycled Antique Singer Sewing Machines {old world charm}

There is no denying the charm of an old sewing machine. Have you got one with you? Apart from the sentimental value – your grandmother used it to make your mother’s wedding gown!  – sewing machines are charming additions to your decor. Here are some wonderful ways to display those antique beauties. A suspended wine […]

Color Trend Alert: Hot Pink and Orange

This combination has been on my mind a lot lately, but what triggered this post was a pic of singer Remo Fernandes‘ son’s wedding. The backdrop in pink, orange and assorted ethnic colors was so arresting, that it re-ignited my color crush, and I immediately dug into my pink-orange folder to share these images that […]


Quick DIY Christmas Tree (off the floor, on the wall!) tutorial

If you have a toddler running around the house, you can imagine how tempting the Christmas tree is for someone that age (and size). Keeping everyone’s best interests (and my sanity) in mind, I looked all over the Internet for an easy wall Christmas tree DIY. No luck! I found some real pretty ones that […]


5 Sparkling Diwali Festive Ideas

Wishing The Key Bunch readers a dhamakedar Diwali! Diwali is an exciting time in India, and the preparations begin way ahead of the festive season. It’s also a good bonding time for families to get together and plan the shopping lists, gift ideas, menu and Diwali décor. We have curated a couple of interesting blog […]


Crumpled Brown Paper, Ribbons and Candy: Gift Wrap Idea

  Guess what this is? A dear friend’s birthday – the gift was ready, but all I had was crumpled brown paper – not perfect, but then I hate the perfection of store-bought wrapping paper. So I used it. Here’s how it all turned out. Roll gift  (a pair of printed cushion covers)   Leave […]


Recycling inspiration from Shruthi!

Shruthi Berera Recycling, up-cycling, re-use, reduce – well, we have all heard these words. For some of us life is busy, and these are nothing more than words. I admit I don’t do as much a I should for the environment, but when I saw Shruthi Berera’s art pics, I realized that we needn’t do […]


Woodooz it yourself! A must-see DIY blog.

When Somu and Preethi Padmanabhan had trouble getting a furniture store to custom-make a table in the dimensions they had in mind, what did they do? They decided to do it themselves! Yes, this venture that began on a whim, became their passion. They did not stop at that table. They went on to make […]


Slapdash Harmony in your Home

Have you ever put together “stuff” and then been totally taken aback by the way all the mismatches have blended in harmoniously? The slapdash look is in, and here are some interesting ways to achieve it in your home. In today’s post, let’s focus on color. Color is Magic, the key to the Slapdash look. […]



Welcome to our blog. The Key Bunch is officially live, and we are thrilled to bits! We Rekha and Sharon, the writers of this blog, met online, worked together on a couple of projects, and have been friends ever since! The idea of this blog is to feature striking, vibrant, unique, or simply beautiful interior […]