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Based in Germany, Sunita is a powerhouse of DIY talent. She loves to create amazing things out of nothing! Tune into her DIYs which will appear on this site twice a month!

Christmas: DIY Wooden Candle Stand

  Hello again! I live in Europe, and the preparations for Christmas are already underway in a big way. My friends and neighbors have already made lots of things in preparation such as advent wreath, door wreaths, Christmas cookies, etc. Not to be left behind, I am here with a DIY wooden candle stand arrangement for […]


Festive Accessories: DIY Salt Dough Coasters by Sunita Mosa

  It’s the festive time, time to decorate homes and bring that festive feeling into our homes every way we can! These salt dough coasters are quick, easy and very festive! Things you need : For salt dough: 1 cup Refined flour 1 cup Salt 1 cup Water Colors and brush For the salt dough, mix  […]


Children’s Bedroom Decorating: A DIY Wondersack

I call it a wonder sack because it is a multipurpose wonder.Ours is a household with kids,and soft toys are woven into our memories of milestones and special celebrations. At times it becomes really difficult to part with them, but their presence can make a kids room full and messy. I came up with this idea […]

DIY: A Multipurpose Étagère

An Étagère is not just a space-saving kitchen hack but also an important part of home decor, bringing elegance into the whole equation. Traditionally, they were a part of coffee tables or tea times to hold all the pralines, cupcakes and cookies during the Baroque ages. But today they are not just confined to tables but to almost every […]


DIY: A Green Valentine for a Loved Teacher

Valentines Day is all about love, specially the bond of love between a kid and his/her teacher and nothing is more valuable  than a handmade gift for your child’s favorite teacher. What you will need Just go around your house and find these things. A tetra pack ( 10 cm height, length and breadth 7 cm […]

DIY: Wall art with Discarded Color Pencils

If you have kids at home, you will get me when I say that the home is filled with tiny color pencils. They come from different sources: gifted by various airlines or at restaurants, or even as birthday return gifts. I have always liked them and saved them knowing one day I would use them. And now […]

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DIY Christmas Centrepiece

Have you read our post about Christmas tablescape ideas? Well, here’s another idea to do with tablescapes, this time a centrepiece for your table, and one that you can make at home. For a simple yet elegant centerpiece, you need some tetra packs, felt belt , a straw wreath, burlap or jute twine and candle. […]

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DIY: Burlap Christmas Wreath

  Christmas is just around the corner. Christmas decor starts from the front door, and the best way to dress up a door, is with a wreath! Here’s a quick and easy wreath tutorial that anyone can do! What you will need: 1 A straw wreath for the base (if you can’t find a straw wreath in […]