Hire Me

The Keybunch.com is a blog that feeds my passion for writing. These are the areas in which I would love to connect with people

  • Markcom and Content Strategy I have a day job where I work with companies to design and develop their content strategy. I help them work out their content needs, strategize on what goes where and why, help them get the right writers and designers on board, and help them realize their content requirements from start to end.
  • Home decor products and magazines I have been published on lifestyle blogs and magazines.
  • Curator I curate products for exhibitions and events.
  • Book, Product and Restaurant Reviews on this blog and elsewhere
  • An advocate for sustainable living and eco-friendly projects If it’s for a good cause I write for free. Feel free to discuss your project with me.
  • Book writing – My dream is to become a published writer and my blog continues to be a kind of writing sample that future clients/ publishers/ business owners can read for a possible partnership with me.Old Indian and colonial architecture is my passion and I am currently working on a coffee table book on the same theme.
If any of these words made a connection to you, I would be happy to hear back! Write to me to explore the possibility of working with me, or ask me for my writing samples at thekeybunchATgmailDOTcom