{Curated Decor Collection} Kedgree by Karishma Banerji Madan

I am a big fan of curated collections, and today I stumbled upon a company that does just that! Kedgree was born out of its founder Karishma Banerji’s passion for all things beautiful. The word Kedgree is culled from
‘Kedgeree’ the British name for Kichadi (Indian), a delicate
blend of grains and colorful spices that come together to deliver the
perfect flavor, one that satisfies the palette and satiates the soul.
Karishma Banerji Madan
The vibrant young lady who hails from Kolkata but currently lives in Korea, says, “I have always loved art, antiques and handicrafts and it was my dream to share my curated collections with a global audience, and more importantly, to narrate the stories of those who craft these products and share the history and culture associated with these objects.” Karishma believes that the best in home decor comes out when you
blend curios and collectibles from across the world and infuse vibrance
and color into your home from different cultures to deliver the perfect
Karishma explained to me that true to its name, Kedgree offers decor treasures from across the globe. The effort is to curate the very best from
the actual artist herself and the desire is to share the results of her
skill, toil and labor with people who would appreciate all that goes
into developing the ‘character’ of the object of art in question,
through the platform that is ‘Kedgree’. She also spoke about Kedgree’s
vintage collection which includes rare and exclusive items that are
procured from connoisseurs of art and antiques in India who have been
collecting these artifacts for many decades.

Kedgree is currently hosting some
beautiful Korean ceramics on their FB page. Korean pottery is one of the
country’s finest artistic achievements and Kedgree is proud to be
showcasing this exclusive collection.
form of art traces back to the Goryeo dynasty and potters have been
refining their skills in kilns since the 12th century. The outcome is
understated elegance, classy colors and sophisticated products. At this event, you can look forward to porcelain and celadon table lamps, vases, tea-ware, vases and more!


Collections from Kedgree ongoing Korean Ceramics event

Where to buy Kedgree?
I loved the collection Karishma has curated, especially that rose-toned cup and saucer! What caught your eye?

View or buy Kedgree’s entire range of products on their Facebook page.



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