This Keybunch reader ‘Says it with Flowers’!

The Keybunch Reader Neha Animesh sends us this mail:
“Here’s wishing ‘The Keybunch’ a very happy anniversary! and many more to come… I have to tell you that yours is one of the first blogs that I visit every morning…keep up the great work.”

“The pictures included are part of my last year’s Diwali decorations. It was special for me as it was my first Diwali in my new home. Congratulations once again! “

Thanks Neha….Would you like to join in the celebrations and ‘Say it with flowers’? Hop in here anytime this September.

Our Blogger friend Gagan celebrated her birthday recently, dedicating this post to her.



  1. Rekha, thanks, but it wasn't my birthday…it was my husbands! sorry for the confusion. Thank you for the dedication, you're a sweetheart! (sorry about the confusion!!)

  2. Thanks Rekha…for putting up my pictures!

  3. aaawww… Such a cute post… her first Diwali pics!! So awesome! Neha… thats fab! thanks for sharing.. candles & flowers are an awesome combination to celebrate anything..

    Also.. Sharon.. How come I didnt get a dedication for my bday.. I'm upset now *wink*… I'm off to complain to Gagan… *smiles*

  4. Pats, you read GB's reply. It was her husband's bday!:) So, you need to tell me when it is Amit's bday, and I will be happy to do the honors. Haha!

    Lovely post, Rekha.
    Neha, I can't wait to see the rest of your home. πŸ™‚


  5. Hapy 'anniversary'. The pics are lovely.

  6. Thanks Patricia…very well said abt candles and flowers.

    Thanks Sharon, will surely share pics of my home with 'The Keybunch' soon.

  7. @Gagan, I thought it was ur b'day when I saw the other commentators wishing you, Nevertheless, I dedicate this post to both of u πŸ™‚

  8. aww such an honest and beautiful thing to say πŸ™‚

  9. pretty pretty!! candles & beads & flowers!

  10. Happy Anniversary Girls n Lovely Pics Neha!

  11. Hi Sharon,
    How are you?
    Please share your contact details as i want to call you for a bloggers outreach programme.


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