Featured Artist: Sharada Gopalan

It’s strange how we notice things only when we want to….my new found love for all things clay makes me sit up and notice anything that spells pottery these days. That’s how I bumped into an upcoming artist Sharada Gopalan, after reading a feature in a popular newspaper. Sharada decided to pursue her interest in fine arts, especially ceramics after completing her schooling. She zeroed in on the Golden Bridge Pottery, the IIT of pottery in Pondicherry where there was a two year waiting list! She used this time to hone her skills at `Gramodaya Sangh’ started by S.K.Mirmira, a ceramic technologist to support local potters.

Here is what Sharada had to say about her training,

“My two years at Golden Bridge Pottery were rigorous giving me an insight into various processes involved. Not only were exercises given for perfecting skills, but the course was designed to include active participation of students in the smallest part of the process…from breaking clay to firing and packing”.

Sharada set up a pottery studio at the campus of The Valley School, Bangalore from 1997 to 2006 making a range of ceramic ware. Right now, she is in the process of setting up an independent pottery studio on the outskirts of Bangalore adjoining the Navadarshanam campus where she plans to offer courses, workshops and opportunities for those interested in working at pottery as a hobby, or as an art, or merely out of interest, or for recreation.

I like the idea that Sharada works towards creating functional and decorative utilitarian ware, pots that can be used in everyday life. Once she sets up her studio, I plan to visit her place and bring home some of her works. Catch glimpses of the recent Ganesha making workshop on her site Farmpottery.

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  1. Gosh.. thats so awesome!! Its lovely when people live their dreams.. I've always wanted to try my hands at pottery… but cant do it here in Dubai.. (no classes)… and I simply cant seem to make the time.

    Her work sure looks amazing!!

  2. Such beautiful ceramic designs! makes me wish I was living in blore! loved her work, and loved your post, rekha!

  3. These are beautiful…I'd love to own pieces like that! Lovely and thanks for sharing!

  4. These are gorgeous! I'm a sucker for ethnic pottery and these speak to me :). I've already commented on Sharada's blog asking her about getting some of her work! Thanks for sharing.

  5. wow she is so good in this ,,:-)
    loved all of her work,.

  6. Brilliant post Rekha..using clay is so natural and earthy feeling, it feels you are so close to the nature. Then using plastics etc. Sharda is so talented. Off to her site now.

  7. Thank you Rekha for doing this post and also to all of you who have commented & liked my work! Hopefully will have my studio set up soon to continue making pots…my blog will keep you updated on that!

  8. Beautiful Pottery…..Would love to have some of it in my home..Dosent look that a hobby can result in such beauty!!!Its an inborn talent!!

  9. Thanks so much for all the encouraging comments….
    @Anu – Anu, I am glad Sharada has a potential customer 😉
    @Sharon – Don;t worry Sharon, i'll take her classes and send u a gift 🙂

  10. This is gorgeous…amazing talent.

  11. Amazing post Rekha! Sharada you are very talented!..Thanks for sharing 🙂

  12. beautiful work!! I checked her site as well!! Amazing!!


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