Come, sit at my Kitchen table….

…and I’ll brew us some coffee.

Kitchens! I can’t get enough of peeking into them. Decorating small kitchens can be quite challenging. Here are some interesting ways to add color and art to your kitchens, and make them functional yet beautiful.

Color me Red.

I love the post box red and retro theme running through this one!

Kitchen shelves are so expressive.

Check out this very functional, yet aesthetically arranged kitchen shelf.

…and this colorful one.

An excellent space saving idea.

Colorful pots and pans hanging from the ceiling …….

…or from the wall.

Small touches go a long way.

As you leave out the back door of this last kitchen, pause a moment to smell the flowers,
appreciate the Good Breakfast poster, and peek into the colorful bag (it contains
the owner’s oven mitts – within reach, but brilliantly out of sight).

Ta! Until tomorrow then, have a wonderful day.

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2 Responses so far.

  1. Concha says:

    I also love kitchen and get very inspired with all the different styles out there.

    I’m happy to see my selves! 🙂

  2. tania says:

    😀 oh those oics! thanks for including them!
    i love kitchens too- my absolute favorite room!

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